Cesalpinia Chemicals S.p.a.





  Viguzzolo (AL)

Production of surfactants and functional oleochemical derivatives is carried out at the Viguzzolo plant, while other preparations are manufactured in other plants belonging to the Group, both in Italy and abroad.

  Zanica (BG)

Zanica Plant has been set up in 1996 for the production of natural polymers derivatives (i.e.. modified guar gums) and synthetic polymers (i.e.: polyurethans and polyacrylates).

Plant of Viguzzolo 
Via 1° Maggio, 168 15058 Viguzzolo Italy 
phone ++39 0131 888611
fax ++39 0131 898156 

Plant of Zanica
SS Bergamo-Crema 591 km. 9,6 24050 Zanica Italy
phone ++39 035 4245011
fax ++39 035 4245030 

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